Friday, 18 November 2011

All me to introduce myself...

Welcome to "The Violet Hour" the blog for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror writer Leon Steelgrave.
Another writer's blog, you say?  Well, yes, I won't deny that there will be discussions on writing, writers, books and even fiction posted here, not to mention updates as to the status of my current projects.  There will also (hopefully) be guest appearances by other writers, too.  More than that, there will be music, film, television and politics, because when all is said and done, I'm something of a geek.  You probably are as well, else you wouldn't have come here.  Don't think bowing your head and avoiding eye contact is going to let you off the hook.  Your card is well and truly marked.  If you know what Docking Bay 94 is and you can complete the sentence, "I'm a doctor, not a…" you'll fit in well here.  If not, stick around anyway and you might learn something.  Useless trivia for the most part, but information nonetheless.  Knowledge might well be power but it all rather depends on which direction your moral compass is pointing.  Ask a politician.
In short, the aim is to inform, entertain and never bore.  Time is all we've got, so I'll try my damndest to make sure your investment is worthwhile.  As ever, it's all about the words, which are without doubt a writer's stock in trade.  On this blog all the words are free, elsewhere you'll have to pay for them.  If I've done my job correctly, it will be a case of fair exchange, no robbery.
On that note, a word from our sponsor:
White Vampyre the debut novel by Leon Steelgrave will shortly be available in various eBook formats from Amazon and Smashwords.  Updates and details can be found at, via twitter @LeonSteelgrave, on facebook, and at The Violet Hour.

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